Only If


When a party goes terribly wrong



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Only If is a short interactive adventure where you control a character who, after attending a party, wakes up in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar house without a way of escaping.

Your goal is to try to escape the house by solving a series of fairly simple puzzles, usually by finding certain objects and exiting before the time runs out.

If time runs out while you're still in a room, darkness engulfs everything and you have to start again. To get out, you'll need to follow instructions from a mysterious voice on a mysterious radio - and do what he says as fast as you can.

The best part of Only If is, without a doubt, the graphics. They're outstanding. All the elements in the scene are incredibly detailed and make you want to take a good look at every corner of every room.

Only If is a beautiful short adventure. Its only fault is being too short. But it's still worth playing, especially if you want a new gaming experience.
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